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Adelino Perin was born on a farm in Nova Prata, Brazil. At the age of 25, Adelino and two of his friends decided they wanted to move to the United States to take a chance at making a better life for themselves.

After a year of planning, and a mustered savings of just $450.00 amongst the three of them, in May of 1973, they set out. This was a trip that would be taken by foot. After over 35 days and traveling through 13 countries, they eventually made it to the United States. Now finding themselves in a foreign land, they soon realized they were unsure which direction to go nor how to communicate once they got there. However, their ambition would leave them undeterred. And as luck would have it, they eventually met a Portuguese man who gave them a tip to head to Union, NJ, where a Brazilian man owned a gas station and might provide them with a chance at a job.

Adelino and his friends made their way to Union, NJ, and sure enough, they were given a chance. This was the beginning of Adelino’s new life in America. And with a larger-than-life personality, Adelino’s interaction with the gas station customers eventually led him to an opportunity in construction with a gentleman he met named Vidal Zinczuk. Vidal mentored Adelino and taught him the trade of roofing and siding while sponsoring Adelino’s application for citizenship in the United States. Adelino worked with Vidal for about three years. Then in October of 1976, Adelino started his own company, AP Home Improvements. The company started as a sole proprietorship, and in 1986, A. Perin Roofing & Siding became incorporated.

A proud father of two daughters, Adelino’s oldest married a young lad named Bud Shaw in 2007. Bud had worked in construction and landscaping for years, so in 2009 he joined the team at AP. Passing on the many trades and business skills granted to him by Vidal, Adelino began teaching Bud all things in the way of AP Roofing & Siding. For the next five years, they grew the business, and in 2014 Bud took over as owner of AP Roofing. After so many years of hard work, this allowed Adelino to relax a bit, and he is now enjoying his role as the “looks” of the operation.

Adelino continues to assist Bud in successfully expanding the business enterprises. He is a well-known and respected member of his local and extended community. Adelino contributes his time and talents to the local community, showing his thanks for their support of his business.

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